About Me

Jon Hohle

Currently, I'm a software engineer at Go Daddy Software. I used to be a traveling consultant working for Accenture. Most of my time is spent in Scottsdale, with my wife, Kortney, but we have been known to travel quite extensively.

I've been a very active traveler in the past few years. I've visited friends in Fairbanks, AK, vacationed in Tokyo, Japan, visited family in Giddings, TX and Fort Lauderdale, FL, and obtained more then a few frequent flyer miles traveling between Reston, VA and Madison, WI. My wife and I have spent time in fourteen states (Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida) and one district (Washington D.C.).

My last name is pronounced ho-le, like the Bible, and is German for cave or cavern. My German teacher in high school also informed me its often used to refer to hell. I'd rather it means set apart, as in "holy", but hey, what are you going to do?

One of my loves (after God, my wife, family, friends, and humanity in general) is Unix-like operating systems. I'm particularly partial to Apple's OS X and in close second is GNU/Linux. My stint with FreeBSD has been short, and when I started traveling less I wanted to get more involved with it, but the 2.6 Linux kernel has kept me happy. I am conflicted, however, because while I believe Unix-like operating systems would solve many of the problems that plague Windows users, there are many times a casual user would flip out if they had to use the command line to diagnose or fix a problem. OS X has gone a long way in addressing these issues, but I have a feeling Linux will be the greatest catalyst. Lately I've been curious about Plan 9, and BeOS is still my all time favorite operating system.

I'm a graduate of MSOE's Software Engineering program, which was the first ABET accredited Software Engineering program in the United States. I was in the second graduating class and enjoyed seeing the program form from its infancy. One of my professors has even worked at SEI with Watt's Humphrey on the next revision of Introduction to the Personal Software Process!

I like object-oriented programming languages (C++, Java, PHP5). I like structured markup (XHTML, XML). I have an unhealthy obsession with robotic pets. And, I probably won't update this page as often as I should.

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