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New Moon Countdown - Team Jacob Edition
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True Twilight fans can't wait for the release date for New Moon, the anticipated sequel to Twilight! Now you can impress your friends and tell them exactly when the movie will open… down to the second. New Moon Countdown for iPhone and iPod touch will give you a countdown clock and let you know how many hours, minutes, and seconds are left until New Moon opens in theaters! This is the perfect way to prove your Twilight obsession and countdown to the big day.

If you are a member of Team Edward make sure you download the Team Edward edition of the New Moon countdown clock! It features Edward in front of a full moon after a secret visit to Bella’s room late at night. If you are a member of Team Jacob make sure you download the Team Jacob version! It features Jacob in werewolf form howling at the moon, pining after Bella.

Whichever guy you think Bella should end up with, make sure you know when you can see Jacob, Edward, and Bella on the big screen using the New Moon Countdown Clock!


New Moon Countdown now supports counting down to New Moon in 27 different countries!

You Gave Back!

For every 100 copies of New Moon Countdown bought through iTunes App Store before July 30th 2009, a book from the Twilight series was donated to a women and children's center, school, or library in the Seattle metro area. 40 books were given away thanks to your generosity! More info coming soon.

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Team Edward Edition
New Moon Countdown - Team Edward Edition