Spangle is an App Updater written for the Sparkle Framework. It uses Spotlight to find your Sparkle-enabled apps, locates any available new software, and allows you to install them all with a few clicks. The idea has been long coming, but the implementation was prompted by this post from Chris Hanson.

Sparkle is a great framework which allows developers to add updating capabilities to their app in a simple and consistent way. Each app, however, requires its own attention when an update is available. Without starting the app, you may never know an update even exists. That's where Spangle comes in.

The 1.0 Release will be $9 when its finished, but until then the pre-releases are free.

Spangle Alpha 2 is a little rough around the edges, but it will successfully find and update the majority of your Sparkle-enabled applications.

Spangle is a Universal Binary. It has been used with great success on both PowerPC and Intel Macs running Leopard. Please contact me with any feedback.


Spangle Alpha 2 Download
What's New:
  • Added French Translation - Provided by Pierre Rudloff
  • Fixed the unfixed logo image
Known Issues with Alpha 2
  • DSA Signature Verification always fails
  • Canceling updates is not implemented
  • Some Appcasts may fail to load
  • HTML Update Descriptions are rendered as plain text
  • Doesn't properly clear the description
  • Doesn't propertly reset the "Install 4 Items" button
  • Doesn't check to see if the application to update is running

Previous Builds

Spangle Alpha 1 Download