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Phone: 480.323.5799
E-mail: jonathan [at] hohle [dot] net
Web: http://hohle.net
Jonathan Hohle
I would like to work with an innovative team with a strong engineering background on mobile applications, distributed computing, and message passing systems. I also have interest in developing Mac apps, image processing, high availability software, and UNIX-like operating systems (Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, etc.).

Work Experience
Software Development Engineer
Seattle, WA
February 2009 - Current

Worked on multiple components of Amazon Prime including online, customer facing application, back end services, and offline processes. Wrote code, designed tests, debugged applications, and proposed optimizations to existing code.

  • Thrived in fast paced environment with multiple programming languages
  • Quickly became comfortable with internal tools, processes, and systems
  • Participated as a member of a Scrum team

Tanka Tech
June 2009 - Current

Developed several iPhone applications, predominantly Howl, a Growl client for iPhone. Wrote and maintained server, iPhone, and Mac software.

  • Early adopter of APNS
  • Wrote synchronizing client/server in Objective-C and Ruby
  • Supported multiple apps and worldwide install base

O’Reilly Media
December 2008, September 2009

Reviewed iPhone SDK Application Development and iPhone Game Development for technical accuracy.

  • Discovered several logic and design flaws in sample code
  • Found memory leaks through visual inspection
  • Provided suggestions for clarifying concepts
  • Worked remotely with authors and editors

Go Daddy Software
Software Engineer
March 2005 - January 2009
Scottsdale, AZ

My responsibilities at Go Daddy have involved the design, and implementation of custom, web-based software using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. I have been involved in most parts of the software devlopment process including software architecture, development, test, and subsequent feature releases on both new software and legacy software.

  • Extensive Object Oriented PHP5 development (Along with NuSOAP, ADOdb, Image_Graph, and other classes and libraries)
  • Web design using Smarty
  • Web Service development in C# and PHP (using NuSOAP)
  • Ajax Web Development
  • MySQL, Apache, and PHP management

2003 - 2005
Reston, VA / Phoenix, AZ

Served as a Oracle PL/SQL and Crystal Reports Developer. Helped design and implement a structured report, letter, and form package architecture in Oracle using a layered, procedural methodology. Researched, designed and implemented methods of using Crystal Reports to generate correspondence including features such as duplex printing, letters with dynamic inline tables, and grouping multiple pieces of correspondence into a single Crystal object. Responsible for developing robust data retrieval methods for reports requiring a single point of entry. Made and maintained contacts in several cities while traveling extensively.

  • Extensive Oracle 9i PL/SQL Development (Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers)
  • Letter, Form, and Report development in Crystal Reports 9
  • Use of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Quest SQL Navigator, TOAD, SQL Plus
  • Extensive travel
  • CMM Level 4 project experience
  • Projects: Wisconsin DWD SUITES (9/2003-12/2004), Arizona DOR BRITS (1/2005-current)

Rapid Prototyping Center (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Information Technology Manager
Milwaukee, WI

Administered 20 Windows workstations, 2 Irix workstations, several Linux servers, a Windows NT server, and a Fort Knox Firewall. Developed a method for applying similar look and feel globally across web pages. Developed software for notifying users by email when machines were stopped due to error or build completion.

  • Web design and development using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and mySQL. http://www.rpc.msoe.edu/
  • Software development in C++ and Visual Basic
  • Unix (Irix, BeOS), Linux (Redhat, Gentoo) and Windows administration
Arizona State University
Graduated December, 2008
Tempe, AZ
Computer Science

GPA: 3.85

  • Focus on graphics and operating systems
  • Developed an original method for multiple classification of textual data
  • Implemented several key algorithms for ray tracing and scientific visualization
  • Contrasted techniques for automating tasks used by popular operating systems
  • Optimized a cutting edge image retargeting algorithm

Milwaukee School of Engineering
1999 - 2003
Milwaukee, WI
B.S. Software Engineering

Graduated from the first ABET accredited software engineering program. Lead Senior Design team to achieve the highest mark possible. Used interest in software engineering to go above and beyond project requirements and attempted to apply learned principles to practical projects.

  • Completed and excelled in several programming and software engineering courses
  • Senior Design team Software Development Lab Transition Team leader
  • Quickly adapted to a variety of software development processes and contributed to the improvement of those processes
  • Successfully applied algorithms, data structures, OO programming techniques, patterns, and architectures to software projects
  • GPA: 3.07. Major GPA: 3.22
Related Projects
Shine Like Stars
2009 - 2010

Designed a process for making quality movies on a shoestring budget. Built editing systems and consulted on various aspects of the production.

Visual Effects Director/Web and Software Development
  • Visual effects and video editing using Adobe After Effects and Premiere
  • Complete web design, development, and administration
Interests and Activities
Healthy living, traveling, world religions and spirituality, filmmaking, video and audio editing, animation, distance running, 3D modeling, home media, web development, and computer graphics.

Open Source Contributions
Mac Support for PHP UUID Extension
MacPorts Port Maintenance (GeoIP, rbmake)
phpLens ADOdb Performance and Feature Patches
iPhone Cisco VPN Settings App
Bonjour Support for MacFusion

Software, Library, and Methodology Experience
Algorithms and Numerical Analysis
CASE Tools: Rose, Requisite Pro
Databases: Oracle 9i, mySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
Design Patterns and Architectural Styles
Formal Methods
GCC & Clang/LLVM
HTML 4.0 and XHTML
JavaScript (Ajax)
Oracle PL/SQL
Object Oriented Programming
OpenGL and Advanced 2D and 3D Computer Graphics
Operating Systems: Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux (mostly Gentoo, Redhat and SuSE), Microsoft Windows, Irix, BeOS, Solaris
PHP (Versions 3, 4, and 5; NuSOAP, ADOdb, Smarty)
Ruby and Ruby on Rails
Software Processes: PSP, TSP, Xtreme Programming
Software Testing
Unix Sockets
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