site updates 2004.9.16
by Jon on Friday, September 17, 2004 file under: Projects

I just added as many of the old POTDs as I could (about 120) and they are accessible via the POTD Archive. Many of them have been resized to save bandwidth and your screen real estate. The archive will probably get an update to be easier to navigate and gather info about each pic, but for now, it's pretty flat.

Oh yeah, and internet explorer users, you get the treat for the week. For IE users only, you get a banner at the top of the page for Firefox. Eventually that may get replaced by something else. I figure IE is the cause of many questions I get about computers (why do i get all these pop-ups, why is my computer so slow?) so I can give you guys a little more hastle.

BTW, Kopp's Symphony custard in a Waffle cone is amazing.

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