No More Candy Bars
by Jon on Thursday, September 1, 2005 file under: Technology

I've been meaning to post on this for the last week, but haven't had time: my new phone, the Motorola E815. To keep a long story short, this phone has filled a want I've had for about two years: a good feature-full phone that would sync easily and reliably with my PowerBook and which would act as a modem when I was on the go. Let me tell you, the E815 has not disappointed.

First of all, Verizon has crippled many of the features that make this phone stellar. They have turned off dial-up networking by default, severely crippled Bluetooth, and basically made the picture taking and music playing features of the phone useless if you don't want to give into their extortion, excuse me, service fees. Fortunately, pretty much all of these limitations can be circumvented (though many of them require a Windows box).

One thing Mac users get off the bat is pretty flawless syncing with Address Book and iCal through either USB or Bluetooth. This was a must have for me as I wanted a phone that would reflect my schedule, and remind me of things I would normally forget (which is a lot). I've failed at using two PDAs in my life, and while I find them superior for text entry, they are too clumsy and bulky for my regular use. I figured a phone with basic PIM functionality was all I really needed, and so far that seems to be the case. The phone skips a few of the nicer features of iCal and Address Book (contact pictures and iCal todo's), but nicely syncs and organizes all my phone numbers and calendars.

As I said before, there are tons of disabled features which can be re-enabled with a few steps (some more complicated then others. Most of those are documented here by sclark1000, but I plan on repeating them here as I do them and letting you know of any caveats along the way.

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