The New hohle.net
by Jon on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 file under: Technology

Well, here it is, the new hohle.net. I've put a lot of time and work into this new design, both the backend and the front end. There are a lot of tweaks and changes to just about everything and I thought I'd take some time to over some of the new stuff.

Object Oriented

Almost everything is Object Oriented now. This still needs quite a bit of work, and with PHP 4, there still seems to be a tradeoff between true OO and speed (its faster to work with associative arrays in most cases). I've also included a lot of third-party classes to do some heavy lifting in areas I'm not particularly interested in (ADOdb and NuSOAP).

Smarty Based Templates

I've started using the Smarty templating engine to abstract my pages from my design. So far, this has worked out great. I can build components like the pager at the bottom of this page, and reuse them wherever I need them, like any time I need pagination. Some of the generic components include the pager, and comment sections. This has sped up template building and testing considerably. It also xmade it easier to support multiple RSS and Atom feeds.

Mostly DIV and CSS Layout

All the web design guys are constantly saying how table-based layouts are teh suck, so I took a hint and dropped my tables... well, mostly. I'm still trying to work on a few things, as I'm new to DIV based layouts, but its looking pretty good so far.


I've tried to include tool tips (title tags) on as much stuff as I could find. This should remove any ambiguity for common links. I've tried to take the guess work out of just about everything. Hopefully the site will be simpler and easier in every regard.

Third Party Services

I'm trying my best to have hohle.net bring together the various parts of my online-lifestyle. I've integrated Google search and my Amazon Wishlist. When I sit down to write some caching code, I should be able to get my del.icio.us links up as well.

Live Comments

Comments now post without a page refresh. Even better, if someone comments while your looking at a page, you'll see their comment right away. There's a lot of new code behind the comment section to make comments more fun and keep comment spam away.

In general, I'm really happy with the new look, and the code base. Its not perfect, but it is definitely ready to be used. I may be tweaking things here and there over the next couple months, but the outstanding issues are minor, and an update has been a long time in coming. I hope you like it!

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