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While I'm waiting for PHP to compile, I'll write a little somethin' somethin' about my birthday. Kortney surprised me yesterday with not one, but two treats: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (undeniably the best cookie to ever touch the lips of man; the closest thing to ambrosia the world will ever experience), and Deutcher Kartoffelsalat (that's German potato sala for the non-krauts in the audience). The only thing that stopped me from eating that delicous, vinegar-laden treat was that I consumed every last drop I brought to work, and the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies kept me bunkered down at my desk.

I'm honestly amazed that I made it out of the house last night without sampling those delicious morsels, but I digress.

Kortney let me open some, but not all of my presents before we went out to dinner last night. We're working to turn my birthday into my birthweek. We'll celebrate with her family this Saturday, when we can all get together, and she wanted to give me a present then.

Last night she gave me two excellent gifts: a LEGO Ice Brick tray, and an iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard to use with our Nokia N800. The ice cubes are really fun, and retain their LEGO-brick shape for much longer then I expected. The keyboard is wonderful as well: its about the size of a standard laptop keyboard and really is the only way to use an xterm on the N800 effectively.

I've already recieved a lot of cards, emails and gifts from family and friends, and it looks like there's even more fun to come!

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