The Weekend
by Jon on Monday, September 10, 2007 file under: Off Topic

Kortney and I had a school packed weekend: she had to go to class on Saturday and I worked on a project and ingested a few episodes of Distributed Operating Systems with Partha Dasgupta. We've had Akeelah and the Bee sitting in its Netflix envelope for several days, but decided to pass it up for a few more episodes of Alias (we're on season two).

Saturday afternoon I started an experiment in cooking which concluded in pretty good — but not great — boneless ribs. They had a nice flavor, but it was too subtle, and required some spicing up on the plate.

We ran several errands, including some before church on Sunday. We've started attending a new church, which we're both excited about. Then something profound happened. As we were walking into church, Kortney drew a pointed finger across my chest. I followed the imaginary line from the tip of her extended index finger to an icon which I would normally point out to her: an Apple sticker.

This single, subtle action touched me in ways I can only try to enumerate. It showed me Kortney takes a genuine interest in my interests, even when they are beyond trite and trivial. It showed me how she'll go out of her way to put a smile on my face. It showed me that she'll lend an ear to my dissertations about the qualities of this or that, and despite her lack of interest, will listen attentively, and build me up in ways I don't deserve (I'm hardly qualified to wax intellectual about most of the topics I choose to step on a soap box about).

Not only did that simple gesture express all of those things, it also revealed something else: she's drank the Kool-Aid. :P

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