Asleep at the Switch?
by Jon on Friday, October 26, 2007 file under: Off Topic

hohle.net has been quiet lately... too quiet...

I can attribute that to three things:

First: School is in session and their is no end to work. I'm taking a graphics class (always time consuming and programming/math/processor intensive) at ASU and an Operating Systems class online through ASU.

Second: Between school and work, I've been trying to juggle even more programming projects. From Cocoa to PHP to Ruby and back again, I've been keeping myself steeped in code and having fun with all of it.

Finally: I've been moonlighting on a new blog... That's right. I've been writing for a different audience. Based on comments that people (including my wife!) had no idea what I was talking about, I have decided to primarily move technical posts over to Macsploitation.

Subscribe to the feed if you're interested in reading Mac and Mac Development related entries, but I'll warn you: it's going to get nerdy!

In other news, I've joined twitter (Kortney is rolling her eyes), so if you're have an account, drop me a tweet.

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