Semester Done: Time for Christmas Parties!
by Jon on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 file under: Off Topic

Another semester is over and Christmas seems like its right around the corner. What better time to post an update than the chilly break between semesters?

I took two great classes this semester and completed several projects that I'm very happy with, for several reasons. Oddly enough, the finish products aren't of much use, but there are concepts and snippets that should prove to be invaluable. I wrote a post at Macsploitation about adding and using delegates in Objective C, and plan on sending some code I ported from MFC to Cocoa to another site, when I get a chance. I'm excited that next semester will be my last semester of formal coursework, which will leave me with a thesis to write in the fall. If anyone has interesting topics concerning computer graphics/visualization or distributed multimedia, I'm all ears.

Last night Kortney and I went to the Go Daddy holiday party, and it was out of control. The party was held at Chase Field. The reveal when entering the stadium was amazing: the entire field was covered with people, bars, video games, motorcycles, an indy car, and stage set up in center field. The sheer volume of people was overwhelming to me. Because I could, I ran into the outfield boards, pretending I was catching a long fly ball: the phantom batter was SO out! The Gin Blossoms headlined, and Busta Loadtest couldn't have been more thrilled.

Lately I've been trying to move into some esoteric new mode of development. I don't know how to describe it, but I feel as if there is a difference between the every-programmer and the guru and that I'm currently somewhere in between. To this end, I've been learning Smalltalk and running through problems on Project Euler. As always, I think my lack of focus is getting in the way.

Kortney and I will be spending Christmas at the Gray's again this year. I only have Christmas day off, but I'm guessing the work week will be pretty relaxed. I always enjoy spending holidays with family.

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season. Hopefully your shopping is done, you're curled up next to a warm fire, and you have a hot cup of cocoa in your hands!

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