Watch for Falling Expirations
by Jon on Saturday, April 19, 2008 file under: Off Topic

Kortney and I were doing our grocery shopping at Walmart today, when we came across not one, but two grossly expired food items.

The second was a large container of McCormick Chili Powder. We seem to use chili powder in a lot of our recipes, so we decided to get the big container. I'm sure spices have a shelf life much longer than other foods, but to me that means its life on my shelf not the stores shelf. Not one, but all of the large chili powder containers expired in August of 2007.

Prior to the chili powder we were looking to buy a delicious jar of pickles and found some bread and butter pickles that fit the bill (along with another jar of whole Kosher dills). Kortney checked the expiration date, and was so shocked, she asked me to confirm. Best if used by: February of 2006!

Finding one seems like a fluke, but finding 2 different products seems absurd. In both cases, the containers seemed new. They weren't dusty or beat up. Perhaps they were part of some inventory that had recently been discovered.

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