Less Tech, More Agility
by Jon on Tuesday, July 1, 2008 file under: Off Topic
German Coat of Arms

Kortney and I have been practice packing for our impending trip to Europe, and we've agreed to go without a computer. Well, that's not entirely true, I'll be bringing a Nokia N800 which will allow us to browse the web, download local maps and driving directions, and upload the mountains (pun intended?) of pictures we're sure to take.

We bought a Panasonic FX500 in preparation for this trip. Both of our old cameras were much larger and had less focal range. I have an unwarranted fear that our camera will be stolen, so I've come up with a contingency scheme for making sure we don't lose any more pictures than necessary. At any of our stops where we have WiFi access, I'll rsync the camera's memory card with a computer back in the US using the N800. I've been testing this at home and it works really well. I'm hoping that the speed is reasonable across the pond.

Besides the internet tablet, a still camera, and a video camera, I've given up any other tech luxuries while we're on the road. No cell phone, no Mac. All together, everything fits into two backpacks - one for each of us. We're trying to stick as closely as possible to the Rick Steve's travel and packing philosophy: "Don't pack for the worst scenario. Pack for the best scenario and simply buy yourself out of any jams."

I'm hoping to finally use my Flickr account, and I maybe I'll even post updates if I wake up before Kortney.

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