Ich bin ein Berliner
by Jon on Saturday, July 12, 2008 file under: Off Topic
German Coat of Arms

Kortney and I have made our way from Frankfurt to Berlin, and down the Romantische Stra?e to M?nchen. My German is extremely rusty; Kortney joked when a <2 year old was speaking more fluently than us, but I can still order a K?sebrot, Breze, Bier, W?rste of all kinds, Sauerbraten and everything else we've needed to stay alive.

Wireless internet is fairly ubiquitous in all of the major cities. At all of our hotel rooms, I've been able to pick up nearly a dozen access points. But unlike America, they are all locked! No piggybacking for us. I had wanted to upload pictures as we went, but that will have to wait at least until we leave Deutschland.

This is the first time I've operated a non-US keyboard layout, and I must say, the US layout is much better for special characters (and English typing in general).

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