Photo Set From Our European Vacation
by Jon on Thursday, July 31, 2008 file under: Off Topic

After a few days of struggling with Flickr+iPhoto, then running up against my upload limit, I've chosen to just post the photos on hohle.net for now. The entire gallery consist of 226 pictures which I thought were represented of our trip as well as interesting to look at.

All of these were taken with a Panasonic DMC-FX500 that we got just before we left. It replaces the Canon G3 we had primarily been using since we were married. Not only is it an ultra-compact, but it has a wider and longer lens than the Canon. I don't know how the FX500 compares to Canon's SD1100 (one of the other cameras I had been looking at) in terms of image quality and usability, but the FX500 served us really well in Europe. It's much more convenient than my G3, that's for sure.

I have a half written Switzerland/Italy post I still have to finish as well, but that will have to wait a little while longer.

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