LaTeX on Mac
by Jon on Sunday, August 31, 2008 file under: Technology

I haven't written any documents in LATEX since Dr. Taylor switched to an XML submission format. (Or perhaps it was during Dr. Sebern's Formal Methods class.) I started the paper portion of my thesis this weekend, and decided to delve into the wonderful world of TEX once again.

There are several ways to set up a productive LATEX environment on your Mac, but the combination that seems to work best for me is teTeX installed from MacPorts and TextMate as my editor. I've also found Skim which will automatically refresh PDFs when they are generated by pdflatex.

Alternative, there is a MacTeX, however, the download is nearly 750MB, and includes many packages which already come with OS X.

Here's a collection of sites I found useful when setting up my LATEX workflow:

If you are writing a paper, a book, or any significantly long document (there are even packages for resum?s and presentations), I'd recommend looking into TEX or LATEX. They are a refreshing change from the WYSIWIG editors we've all become so accustom to.

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