Two More!
by Jon on Friday, January 3, 2014 file under: Commentary

We've been so excited to have Micah and Kiera home this past week. They were born just before Christmas, giving us an awesome Christmas present - of course, it meant Kortney and I were stuck in the hospital most of Christmas day.

These guys have not made it easy on us so far. Kortney was extremely sick during the first three months of the pregnancy. She was so dehydrated that she had to be on home IV for several weeks. Our parents both came up to Seattle to help her and Caleb.

Along the way we moved back down to Arizona. Kortney did pretty well for about 3 months, but as the babes grew it became harder and harder on her - by the end she had nearly 12lbs of baby inside of her.

The Thursday before the kids were born I had to go to the ER for some intense abdominal pain. They diagnosed it, gave me some medication, and sent me on my way. A few days later we were back in the same hospital for the birth, which only had a few complications.

When I was finally able to settle down that night my abdominal pain returned, and I had a nurse wheel me back down to the ER. I was admitted shortly after and spent the next several days in another wing of the hospital. Caleb came to visit me every day, and we had fun playing Gooey Louie and watching (terrible, new) Tom & jerry cartoons. After recovering from some minor surgery and watching way to much terrible reality TV, I was finally released and got to spend the last night in the hospital with Kortney and the twins.

We got out in the evening on Christmas and had a low key day. The next day we closed on our house - the closing had to be postponed due to the whole entire family in the hospital on drugs which may or may not make signatures on contracts binding.

The next week involved us just trying to keep up. Ensuring that a three year-old is getting all of the attention he needs and that two newborns are fed, clean, and safe has been a lot of effort.

Things were getting too simple though. We had decided that Kortney's car was too small to lug around all of the kids and their gear, so we eventually made it over to the Subaru dealership and replaced her car with a new-to-us Forester. That's a whole ongoing ball of wax, but at least everyone fits inside without too much effort.

After nearly two weeks, Micah and Kiera are doing really well. It's amazing to watch these new little humans grow and neat to see all of the things they can do instinctively. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. Hopefully we can start getting enough sleep to appreciate these things ☺.

Along the way Kortney's parents have been a huge help with child care, assistance packing, a temporary place to stay, and lots of food. This would be much harder without all of their help.

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