Nick Pazoles's Wishlist and First Two
by Jon on Monday, April 4, 2005 file under: Projects

I have about as much tact as hobo who just got out of jail and needs a bus ticket to see his family, so I have no problem pluging my friends and my own projects.

I think I might have mentioned it before, but Nick Pazoles's Wishlist is a fun little web app. Stemming from the same idea as Amazon's Wishlist (except without all the cross marketing involved), Pazoles's Wishlist is much more intimate, allows people to comment on and rate your list items, and let people know when you've recieved something you've been pining for.

In other news, Pazoles and I have started First Two, a website for Software Engineers (currently only for MSOE students and alumns). It's been fun to set up and I'm hoping that in the next couple months it takes off.

In ongoing project news, I'm starting to think about modifying Scrap, the system I wrote for maintaining hohle. to allow multiple users and making it much easier to add, edit, and delete posts and modify site-wide content. I'm also trying to integrate with things like del.icio.us and a few other online services. My ultimate goal would be to have something portable I could throw up on SourceForge.net or Fresh Meat,but I'm bad at maintaining things when I think they are finished, so that probably won't happen.

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